Press Release

April 19 - 2022

OPRA Becomes A Fully Integrated Brand Of The Global Organization of AIREM ENERGY

To better meet the challenges of the new energy landscape, today OPRA becomes a fully integrated brand of the global organization of AIREM ENERGY. This transformation creates new synergies and gives OPRA the ability to develop innovative solutions for a successful energy transition.    

A new step in OPRA’s evolution as a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions.    

Our integration into AIREM ENERGY is a natural evolution in the history of the company. OPRA is accelerating its globalization and development of innovative solutions for clean and sustainable power generation.   

Focusing on core competences   

These new synergies will allow OPRA to focus on our core competencies: clean combustion, advanced fuels, and new applications. The challenges of the energy transition require creative thinking, and today, OPRA’s teams have the perfect setup to focus on our domains of excellence.  

The integration of OPRA and AIREM ENERGY creates a global solution provider with a wide portfolio of technologies. This new organization will be able to provide advanced solutions to perfectly match the needs of our customers and achieve the company’s mission: “To Drive the World’s Energy Transition”.     

Developing advanced solutions 

The new organization will give OPRA access to an extended network to better match customers’ needs.     

Our collaboration with experienced specialists in a broad range of applications will allow OPRA to enlarge its field of expertise and increase our capacity to produce innovative solutions for each project.   

Increasing value for OPRA’s customers 

AIREM Energy is a global solutions provider with a strong customer focus. OPRA is an innovative company, inspired by the challenges of the energy transition. This new organization brings our customers the best of both worlds.    

Together, we will accelerate the introduction of innovative solutions to the market and reinforce our user-based approach to increase the customer’s value for the complete lifecycle of our products.  

This approach strengthens our link with end-users and unlocks new opportunities to increase value for our customers.  

The right organization to meet the challenges of the energy transition   

OPRA and AIREM ENERGY are committed to supporting you through the energy transition, as your partner in developing solutions that are climate-sustainable and economically viable.    

 As a global player, we are committed to partner with you on this path.


About Airem Energy:  

Airem Energy designs, produces and services sustainable energy solutions. Whether it be microgrid, energy storage, or a combined heat & power (CHP) solution, we address the increased pressure that our partners are encountering to reduce CO2 emissions. 

As a global player, we help commercial & industrial clients reduce their carbon footprint and transition their energy sources while using our planet’s resources in a clean and efficient manner.  With major facilities in the US, Europe and China, in conjunction with our partners across the globe, we are positioned to provide tailored solutions to our clients’ regions and applications.