About Opra

OPRA develops, manufactures and services state of-the-art gas turbine systems, and is headquartered in Hengelo, The Netherlands. Our advanced turbine technology has turned the OP16 Gas Turbine into a masterpiece of technology allowing us to serve  global markets with clean, distributed energy solutions. Setting the standard in terms of availability, reliability and low maintenance costs, OP16 Gas Turbines allow for very cost-effective ‘always-on’ generation of electricity and heat. Thanks to its unique combustion technology, OP16 Gas Turbines can even turn dirty fuel gas that would otherwise be flared, vented, or simply wasted into green power and clean exhaust gas. We are convinced that OPRA’ gas turbine systems will continue to be a structural component of tomorrow’s green energy landscape, and drive the world’s energy transition!

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We focus on delivering world-class quality and reliability. Aiming for First-Time-Right, excellence is a key part of our company culture enabling us to consistently meet our customers’ requirements.

Customer Focus

Our customers come first. We strive to establish open communication and flexible service. This supports us in building long-lasting and trusting relationships with our customers.

Pride and ownership

Passionate leadership and initiative with positive attitude yield the required accountability. We encourage initiative and are proud to take responsibility and leadership in our work.

Team Spirit

Together we are better. We work as one team with a common goal of satisfying our customer’s needs. Maintaining a positive and collaborative attitude contributes to our stimulating work environment.


We create solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s energy demands. Designing beyond imagination, creativity and thinking outside the box empowers our employees to deliver world-class technology.

OPRA's Story

The history of OPRA Turbines

OPRA was founded by Jan and Hiroko Mowill in 1991. Jan Mowill had previously led the gas turbine division at a major Norwegian industrial conglomerate where he developed and commercialized the world’s first radial gas turbine engine for industrial applications in 1964. Upon the establishment of OPRA (Optimal Radial Turbine), Jan and his team worked tirelessly to develop and engineer the OP16 Gas Turbine. By 1994 the original ultra low-emission combustor was already developed and patented as a result of successful testing. By 2003 the low-emission can combustion development had started.

After a successful demonstration of the OP16 in RuhrGas (Dorsten, Germany), OPRA sold its first commercialized OP16 Gas Turbine Package in 2005. OPRA continues to drive the world’s energy transition with over 140 gas turbine generator sets world-wide, accumulating over 2 million operating hours. Since August 2017, OPRA Turbines has since opened a new state-of-the-art headquarter facility in Hengelo (NL) to further strengthen and increase production and testing capacity following recent growth in business, paving the way to becoming the leading provider of clean gas turbines for distributed energy solutions.

OPRA's Mission:
To drive the world’s energy transition

”OPRA has solutions available today to make existing operations more climate-friendly, like electricity generation from flare gases in the oil & gas sector or from a wide range of waste gases in the industry, it can also burn the zero CO2 emission fuels of the future, like green hydrogen or green methanol.”  Wim Janssen, CEO

OPRA's Vision:
To be the leading provider of clean gas turbines for distributed energy solutions

Quality management at OPRA

The high availability of our gas turbines and their low operating costs are important reasons why our customers choose OPRA solutions. At OPRA, this is what we call ‘QUALITY’.

From sales to service, OPRA’s company processes are aimed at achieving high-quality targets. Our knowledgeable and experienced employees work as a team to excel in customer satisfaction, taking responsibility for our results and showing pride in applying the innovative technologies we have developed.

Sales and project management

Clear and realistic agreements, open communication and well-planned project implementation are key factors to manage customer expectations and achieve high customer satisfaction.

Assembly facilities

OPRA’s turbines are ‘made in Holland’. Our modern and well-equipped turbine assembly and test facilities are based in Hengelo, The Netherlands. Here we can assure that our turbines meet the highest quality standards.

Test facilities

OPRA’s state-of-the-art and sophisticated gas turbine and AIREM ENERGY generator package test facilities enable the verification of specifications for customer projects as well as the feasibility of our in-house designed technical innovations.

Research and development

OPRA’s in-house R&D processes enable us to be leading in providing solutions involving gas turbine design, including combustion, flow-path, rotary parts and controls design.

Quality control

OPRA’s quality control processes confirm the proper results of assembly processes and the proper characteristics of parts and materials used. Our trained and experienced inspectors, climate-controlled measuring room and calibration processes make sure that our inspections are accurate.


OPRA’s service processes are aimed at keeping unscheduled maintenance to a minimum. Remote monitoring of our customer’s operational turbines is connected to predictive maintenance routines. Assistance by our service engineers is available 24/7. A user-friendly support request system is applied for quick and solution-oriented communication.


ISO 9001

We inspire ourselves by practicing the quality management principles of ISO 9001, such as risk-based thinking, setting challenging goals, controlling our processes, closing PDCA improvement loops, exercising creative leadership, being context-aware and putting all our activities at the service of our customer’s interests.

Our satisfied customers and our ISO 9001 certification (since 2008) demonstrate our adherence to these quality management principles.


The DNV certifications are type approvals for specific products and allow OPRA the install and use these products in different field applications like onshore, offshore, and marine.


The German Association of Energy and Water Industries certified OPRA for grid interconnection of new installations within Germany. This is a mandatory certificate for grid integration of an installation in Germany.


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